Timeless Way of Building

In our own lives, we have the quality without a name when we are most intense, most happy, most wholehearted.

This comes about when we allow the forces we experience to run freely in us, to fly past each other, when we are able to allow our forces to escape the locked-in conflict which oppresses us.

But this freedom, this limpidity, occurs in us most easily when we are in a world whose patterns also let their forces loose...because, just as we are free when our own forces run most freely within us, so the places we are in are also free when their own forces (which include the forces that arise in us) themselves run free, and are themselves resolved...

The quality without a name in us, our liveliness, our thirst for life, depends directly on the patterns in the world, and the extent to which they have this quality themselves.

Patterns which live, release this quality in us.

But they release this quality in us, essentially because they have it in themselves.

Alexander, C. (1979). Timeless way of building. New York: Oxford University Press.